Joel Bentow is a multi-disciplinary design director and photographer from Los Angeles, California. He studied film and photography as well as design and animation at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York City, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Design. Bentow has worked on numerous commercials, music videos, promos, TV and films throughout his career. With over 15 of freelance experience at dozens of the world's leading creative and advertising agencies, Joel has earned a reputation for being one of the most dependable and sought after people in the industry.

Joel has worked extensively in international markets, most recently over a two-year period in Asia/Southeast Asia (Tokyo and Singapore) and Central/South America (Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires) for FOX International Channels (FOX Sports) as a creative and branding consultant. The international influence and perspective has given Bentow a global view, allowing him to develop a unique eye for design.

Joel is an avid adventurer, dedicated surfer, snowboarder and motorcycle rider with a special interest in photography. No adventure is too big and no place is too remote for this thrill-seeker.


PromaxBDA: 6 PromaxBDA Awards
PromaxBDA: Super Bowl 50 Is Golden Culmination of Year-Long Blitz by CBS, February 2016.
Adweek: Super Bowl 50 campaign for CBS, February 2016.
TYP3D: Inspiration for 3D Typography and Film Titles featured artist.
MTV2 Subterranean: Featured the broadcast premiere of Gliss “Gimme the Hit” music video.
Also featured on MTV’s Subterranean Blog, March 2008.
FUEL TV Cutmasters Grand Prize Editors Award, April 2005.


Big Machine
Bleacher Report
Blissium / MotivFilms
Blur Studio
Big Picture Group Advertising
CBS Marketing Group
Cimarron Group
Crew Creative Advertising
DreamWorks Studios
FOX Sports
FOX International Channels
Grand Jeté
Grupo Gallegos Advertising
Method Studios
NFL Network
Pacific Title & Art Studio
Stun Creative
Roger LA
Rhythm & Hues Studios
Sony Pictures
Paramount Pictures
20th Century Fox
UX Entertainment
Warner Music Group

Los Angeles, California

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